Favorite Things Party

Have you ever been to a favorite things party? They are SOOOO much fun, perfect for a girls night in!

Here’s how you can host your own…

Send out invites. I used paperless post because they have pretty designs, and you know, I like the pretty! Make sure you include the details in the invite so there is no confusion for your guests. Speaking of details…

Set the details. Give your guests a price limit or range for their favorite thing. Mine was $25-$30. Some favorite things parties I’ve been to have you bring three of the same item. I decided everyone would just bring one item, and I told them to bring it wrapped.

Share the rules. Have all guests place their wrapped gifts on a table. I wrote out numbers 1-12 (I had 12 total guests) on little squares of paper and had each guest draw a number. We played Dirty Santa style because I think stealing gifts makes it more interesting!

Steal, swap, and share your favorite things. The person who drew number 1 got to choose and unwrap the first gift. Number 2 could either steal number 1’s gift or open a new gift, and so on. We played that a gift was “frozen” or couldn’t be stolen any more after it had been stolen twice. At the end of the game, number 1 got to go again and swap her gift with anyone else’s, even if it was a frozen gift. Like I said, I like to make it more interesting!

All the pretty wrapped gifts before we started the game.
Each guest drew a number before the game.
I brought Glamorous Wash, which I ALWAYS bring to every favorite things party!
I’m sooooo excited I got this wine tumbler from Fox and Brindle! I had to steal it!
This is THE tote bag from Target.
How cute is this Amazon tray?
Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk is iconic.
Which of these favorite things would you choose?
I’m linking all these beautiful goodies here so you can have some ideas for what to bring to YOUR next favorite things party!

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