Ice Ice Baby

Click HERE for the Gevi Nugget Ice Maker!

Why does nugget ice make every drink taste better? It’s SOOOOO good.

When Gevi Household offered to send me their Countertop Nugget Ice Maker, my whole family was excited! We love nugget ice, and we love a LOT of ice. In the past, we’ve run out of ice regularly, especially in the summer time. I’ve been amazed with how much ice this ice maker makes and can hold. The kids are all home for the summer now, and we haven’t run out of ice yet! It’s super east to fill with water, and there’s a reminder light if it’s time to refill.

Not that beauty is the *most* important thing, but the fact that this ice maker goes perfectly with my decor is a huge bonus! Often kitchen appliances do not match my aesthetic, so I was over the moon that the Gevi is white with gold accent! Chef’s kiss!

There’s currently a $130 coupon at checkout, so now’s the perfect time to grab the Gevi Nugget Ice Maker for yourself! Cheers to a cool summer!

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1 thought on “Ice Ice Baby”

  1. Marla Sturgill

    I love love nugget ice sometimes I buy bags of from a local restaurant. During the summer months I need it more and they can’t hardly keep up well the machine because everyone likes the nugget ice! I’ll have to check out the Nugget Ice Maker.. Thanks for sharing it with us!!

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