“Fall”ifying the Front Porch

fall porch decorating

It’s late July in Alabama, and hot and humid is an understatement! But dreaming of pumpkins and cozy fall nights is like a cool breeze for my sweaty soul! It’s time to head to Old Time Pottery! {ad}

shopping at old time pottery

Mustardy yellows and deep cranberry are great colors to bridge the late summer to early fall months. I found a lot of gorgeous fall items to add to my cart, like these beautiful throw pillows. They have the mustard and cranberry colors I’m wanting to incorporate in this porch refresh! Now it is time to fallify!

front door wreath

This wreath was my starting point. Mustard and cranberry AND it looks gorgeous with the pink! Yes, please! It just pops, don’t you think?

Layering rugs adds texture and interest, especially by the front door! I found one larger tassel rug and one smaller Turkish style one to go on top. I love all the details! And they are-you guessed it!-cranberry!

Next, I added lots of cozy throw pillows! Different sizes and textures mean everyone can find a pillow that feels *just right* when they join me on the porch swing. And, they’re SOOOO beautiful, aren’t they? I actually said, “You’re so pretty!” when I saw those yellow squares in the store!

A couple more pillows and a mustard throw are just what my double rocker needed!

One last cranberry and mustard touch, a golden lantern with fall stems!

I’m excited to enjoy my cozy fallified porch! I may not be quite ready for a pumpkin spice latte and a warm scarf, but for now, I can relax with my comfortable new pillows, a Diet Coke with lots of ice, and shorts and a tee. And soon enough, fall will be here!! Head to your local Old Time Pottery to find some fabulous fall treasures for your home, too!

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