My Pink Door

Hey Y’all!!

Last summer I got the crazy idea to paint my front door pink. Yep, PINK!!! My exterior is grey with white trim, and I just knew the pink would pop against it!! But I’m not the only one who lives here…so I ran it past the rest of the Crazy Caseys. They were *not* as excited as I was, but they were willing to let me try it. I get asked all the time how I talked my husband into it…let’s just say I married a good one!

choosing paint color front door
I had a super cute assistant helping me

Picking the Perfect Pink

I felt like Shelby from Steel Magnolias, searching for my perfect shades of Blush and Bashful. I scoured Pinterest and paint stores’ websites to get ideas. I finally went to the local Sherwin Williams and looked at every single pink available. I narrowed it down to my top three and bought little Color To Go sample containers.

Very high tech over here with our Dollar Tree poster board and Sharpies. But it worked!

Test Run

I grabbed a white poster board and painted three large swatches, labeling each one. Then I took the poster outside and had one of my kids hold it up against the grey siding. I immediately ruled out Jovial as too orange, but I had a harder time choosing between Loveable and In The Pink. I finally decided I wanted to go a little lighter and brighter, so landed on Sherwin Williams Loveable!!! Even the name is amazing, right?

pink sherwin williams loveable front door

Pretty in Pink

As soon as the paint went up, I was in LOVE!!! But the greatest thing about this project is that if I had hated it, I could have just painted it back! Very low risk. We’re the only house with a pink door around here, and I love that it’s unexpected and fun!

2 thoughts on “My Pink Door”

  1. I LOVE your pink door! What a beautiful, fun, and welcoming addition. Front doors are fun to paint; you can always easily change them later if another color inspires you (I wouldn’t change the pink for a long time). I helped my daughters paint their dining room a pink shade this past spring, and it’s so pretty.

  2. I should mention that I visited your blog for the first time via Kelly at The Tattered Pew. What a beautiful home you have.

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