Shiny Happy People

So what exactly is Shiny Happy People?  

Back Story, Back Story, Back Story 

    Almost 2 years ago, my family left the church I grew up in and began searching for our new place.  I was pretty broken hearted, especially missing our sweet Sunday School community and the summer Bible studies I had helped lead in summers past.  My friend Marji said, “Alieta, God has given you something to say.  You should say it on your Instagram account!” It seemed like a strange combination…home décor tips and Jesus…but I’ve never liked doing things inside the box. Haha!  So I gave it a try and started sharing a short devotional each Thursday in my stories and my IGTV. The response was incredible. 

What’s In A Name? 

     I knew this new Bible Study endeavor needed a fun name, but I was having trouble coming up with The One.  Then one morning, the Crazy Caseys were all driving in the car together.  Two of us were crying and one of us was really angry.  My husband started playing R.E.M.s “Shiny Happy People” and we all busted out laughing!! And it was just the perfect name for my Thursday devotionals because lots of the time we are NOT shiny or happy, but God is still working and still loves us!  He is making us more and more like Jesus, and I’m so crazy grateful to get to have the time each week with my Shiny Happy People. 

Details, Please 

     I am not a seminary grad, I have not published any books. I’m just a girl who does not have it all together but really does love Jesus and who wants to help other people know how much He loves them.  So we don’t follow a plan, it’s just whatever God has been showing me that week.  It’s usually about 5 minutes long, and it also usually contains my own personal struggles/failures but focuses on God’s amazing faithfulness.   I share it on my Instagram account on Thursday afternoons, and I’ll be linking it here on the website as well.

I’d be over the moon if you joined us! 

Lots of Love,