Gallery Wall Hack

Are you intimidated by gallery walls? I put this project off for two months because I was nervous about hanging all the art pieces! Then I thought of something that might help…

gallery wall wrapping paper

I grabbed a roll of old wrapping paper and rolled it out on my dining table.

gallery wall lay out

I laid out the pieces for my gallery wall on the wrapping paper. I spaced them out and arranged them just how I wanted them.

wrapping paper gallery wall

I grabbed a Sharpie marker and traced around each piece.

level gallery wall

After tracing each item, I hung the wallpaper on the {future} gallery wall. I got a helper to check that it’s level.

hanging gallery wall

Next I hammered the nails to hang each piece.

gallery wall hanging

I hung the signs and art pieces and made any necessary adjustments.

gallery wall hack

I removed the wrapping paper.

gallery wall

And that was it! So easy! Let me know if you try this gallery wall hack!

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