Crazy Fun Christmas Cards

Our family is a little bit crazy. We even refer to ourselves as the Crazy Caseys! Our favorite family tradition is sending out UNIQUE Christmas cards every year. I’m sharing a few of our favorites in case you need a little crazy in your Christmas, too!!

Baby Shark

baby shark, christmas card, family photo, family christmas photo

It was the year of the Baby Shark song craze, and Target had these amazing shark pajamas. It was a no brainer.

Super Christmas

Super hero, super hero christmas, christmas card idea, family pic idea

This was actually our Halloween costumes from that year, but I knew it would be perfect for our Christmas card!

Reindeer Games

rudolph, santa, reindeer, family christmas card, christmas photo, christmas card idease

Rudolph, Santa, and the Reindeer gang.

Triple Dog Dare You

a christmas story, ralphie, leg lamp, christmas card, family christmas card, funny christmas card

This is my favorite ever!!! We love the movie “A Christmas Story”, so it only seemed right to honor it with a Christmas card.

Christmas, Covid Style

Buddy the Elf, Christmas card ideas, family christmas card, covid, 2020

We wanted to commemorate the dumpster fire that was 2020. I wanted to take a picture in front of an actual dumpster and photo shop some fire in, but I couldn’t sell my family on it. Haha! So we compromised and added our Buddy the Elf to our picture.

Do you send out Christmas cards? Have any fun ideas for me? I need to start thinking about our card for 2021…

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