Wheezy the Doughbowl

dough bowl
farmhouse kitchen

Do y’all name inanimate objects in your home? Nope? Well, you totally should!! This is Wheezy the Doughbowl. I found her at an antique mall in Foley, Alabama, a couple years ago, and I knew she needed to come home with me!! I wasn’t sure how we would get all our luggage AND our three kids home along with her in one car, but those were details I was sure I could work out. I also knew she needed a name because she was large and in charge. Wheezy sounded just right!

It’s hard to see just how large Wheezy is from photos. It’s also hard to take a picture inside Wheezy without falling over. But now you get an idea of her size.

dough bowl

At Christmas, we use Wheezy under our tree to hold our gifts…

…but most of the time she sits right in the middle of our kitchen island. It’s the perfect place of honor, don’t you think?


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