O Christmas Tree (s)!

Do these beautiful ceramic Christmas trees make your heart happy like they do mine? You have probably seen Mr. Christmas ceramic trees since you were a child. They are celebrating their 90th year creating merry and bright pieces for our homes, and I’m thrilled to be adding these to my Christmas celebration this year!

Here is the iconic green ceramic tree that so many of us saw at a grandparent’s house as a kid.

And the glow of the multicolored Christmas lights and star is simply magical!

I always love a classic, but I’m swooning over these bright trees, too! The seafoam green adds some whimsy to any space!

The light blue pairs perfectly with chinoiserie pieces and blue and white china.

And, of course, the pink is my favorite! It’s the perfect pairing for my pink Christmas theme this year!

I’ve styled them all together in a magical forest! My Milton and King wallpaper and Rushton Waltchack artwork are the dreamiest backdrop, don’t you think?

And nothing beats the glow when I turn off the lights in my room! I hope you’ll add some Mr. Christmas ceramic trees to your home this holiday season, and one day your grandchildren can share how they loved seeing them in YOUR house.

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1 thought on “O Christmas Tree (s)!”

  1. I’m a big fan of those trees too. I remember seeing them at my grandparents house. Brings back so many warm memories. Thus the pink tree is perfect for Valentines Day!

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