Super Easy Valentines Day Breakfast with a Backdrop

valentines breakfast

Need some sweet and simple ideas for Valentine’s Day? Here’s an easy, inexpensive way to add a little love with Valentine’s Day breakfast with a backdrop!

Set the Stage

heart doilies dollar tree
Grab a couple of packs of paper heart doilies. I found mine at the Dollar Tree.
creating a paper heart wall
Add tape to the center and a tiny piece to the top of the paper hearts. I used masking tape, but you could use blue painter’s tape if you’re worried about your walls.
heart gallery wall valentines day
Tape the hearts to your wall in alternating colored columns. I chose to decrease the number of hearts in each column as I moved from left to right to give it a fun graphic feel.

Sweetheart Breakfast

Now that you’ve created the perfect backdrop, it’s time to bake!! Don’t worry, this is just as easy as the Valentine’s Heart Wall!

cinnamon rolls
Grab a tube of cinnamon rolls. Yep, that’s all the ingredients you need!
cinnamon roll hearts
Remove the cinnamon rolls from the tube, and unroll each one into a straight line. Then roll them back into a heart shape. I pinch the bottom to give it more of a heart point.
cinnamon roll hearts
Follow baking directions on the package, but check about halfway through. My hearts usually take less time than regular rolls.
cinnamon roll heart
Ice your cute little hearts with the frosting from their tube, and garnish with a strawberry if you’re feeling fancy!
valentines breakfast
Enjoy! I hope y’all have a fabulous Valentine’s Day!

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