Putting the CUTE in Charcuterie Board

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During the pandemic, we discovered a super easy and delicious meal idea…charcuterie boards!!! The entire family loves them, which is a huge win. And I’ve found this encourages everyone to hang around and visit while they grab a few more treats.

I’m basically a charcuterie expert now! Haha!! So I’m sharing some of my favorite tips for creating a fabulous board!

1. Gather the Goods

Trader Joe’s is my favorite place to find charcuterie board goodies! Get a variety of crackers and nuts.
Grab several kinds of cheeses, some hard and some soft, and a dip or two.
Crowd favorite…cream cheese with pepper jelly! YUM!

2. The Board

I have this extra large board from The Whimsical Door. It’s perfect for parties and can hold allllll the things while still looking beautiful!

You can find wooden cutting boards at Target and other home stores, or you use a large platter or line baking sheets with paper. You can even roll out some wax or brown paper right on your counter.

I always line my board with brown craft paper. It makes clean up a breeze!

3. Making It Pretty

I add small serving dishes to hold nuts, olives, or dips.
Varied heights add visual interest, so I used a tumbler to serve these breadsticks.
I surround dips with crackers or toast in a circular pattern.
Lining foods in neat rows adds to the design.
I fill any leftover spaces with grapes.

4. Serve It Up

Tell your guests (or family) to come help themselves!

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